Day 3: Monday June 1st

Today we drove from Oklahoma City, OK to Albuquerque, NM.  The drive was the best so far.  The air outside was so cool we didn’t need to run the A/C and generator in the motor home.

Near Amarillo in a small town called Groom we saw the second largest cross in the Western Hemisphere.  It is 190 feet tall and you can see it from 25 miles away!  Thanks Ken & Jennifer for the heads up on this or we might have missed it!  🙂

Groom's Giant Cross

We found a great RV Campground just outside of Albuquerque for just $14 (half off with our!  After settling in we headed off to the Historic Route 66.  Albuquerque is the largest city in New Mexico and owes its explosive growth to the economic boom that Route 66 brought during its Golden Age.  So we were on a quest to find an old style hamburger joint and a diner for a old fashion malt.

Griffs HamburgersRoute 66 sign

Huge hamburgers for only $2.25 each!

66 Diner66 Diner outside

We each enjoyed a malt milkshake at the Route 66 Diner.

Westward Motel

Classic Route 66 Motel.

This is an HDR (High Dynamic Resolution) image.  Four shots at different exposures combined into one.  Hope to do more of these on our trip.

Jordan & Carlye

After we had “our kicks on Route 66” we went to Tingley Park. (Sorry… but I couldn’t resist)

Day 3

Day 3 route

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  1. Love the pictures! Especially the one of the motel…great job Jarred! I have to say that I am hugely disappointed that the giant cross is only the “second largest in the western hemisphere.” It was so much more romantic in my mind when I thought it was the biggest in the world. I guess it really isn’t bigger than the one in Rio…oh well. Have a great day!

  2. Carlye- It’s Erin saying hello! I miss you and like looking at the website.

  3. To Erin from Carlye: I miss you too. Please tell everybody I say hi. Love, Carlye

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