Day 26: Wednesday June 24

Today we took a long morning hike on the sand dunes.  It was a comfortable 70 degrees and sunny.  We hiked to “tree island.”  It looks like a lush oasis in the desert.  While on our hike we watched ATV’s doing tricks and jumps on the dunes.  We also watched the misfortune as one ATV flipped and the driver was hurt.  Rochelle and the kids ran over and prayed with lady.

Oregon Sand Dunes with Tree Island on the right and the Pacific Ocean in the backgroundSand Dunes

Oregon Sand Dunes with Tree Island and the Pacific Ocean in the background

Jumping the dunesatv_accident

We watched as they jumped the dunes (and had accidents.)

Next, we went to the world famous (or at least that’s what the brochure says)  Sea Lion Caves.  They also claim to be the world’s largest sea caves (12 stories tall and the size of a football field.)

Sea Lion CavesOregon Sea Lions

Found from Central California to the Bering Sea, this is their only mainland rookery.  The rest of their homes are on rocks offshore.  In the spring the bulls gather harems of 10-20 cows and keep their families until breeding is done in early July.  The bulls average 1,200 – 1,500 pounds.  Sea Lions live about 20 years.

Inside the sea lion caveSea Lion Caves - Florence OR

This is a view inside the Sea Lion Caves… (we just saved you $11 per adult).  Actually it was a fun experience and one that awakens all the senses… especially smell and hearing (they are very noisy and smelly animals.)

Sea LionsJordan watching the sea lions

Another view of sea lions from a rock outside of the Sea Lion Caves.  Jordan intently watching the sea lions.

After leaving we traveled North on Hwy 101 and found a state park right on the Pacific Ocean.

Oregon Palm Tree

Carlye holding up an “Oregon Palm Tree” which is actually an edible sea plant (although it never made its way to our dinner plate).

Heceta Lighthouse - mile marker 179 Hwy 101

Heceta Lighthouse early evening.  This is one of Oregon’s most photographed lighthouses which cast its first beam of light on March 30, 1894.

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  1. This really looks like a fun place to explore! Ryan wants to know if you still have “Z” the lizard, and whether he is going to be returning to Florida with you all. Tell Carlye that we saw Precious today. She looks good–and was very affectionate. Have fun!

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