Day 35: Friday July 3

Today we went into Seattle.  On the advice of the locals we drove to a Park & Ride and took the bus into the city.  Our first stop was the historic Pikes Place Market.  Pike Place market is a large covered market downtown that sells everything from fish, meat and produce to clothes, paintings and tourist trinkets. It is comprised of many different stores including the original Starbucks.  It’s also a farmers market with fresh produce & flowers.

Pikes Place Market

Girls trying on “princess crowns” found at the market.

Kids watching a magician at Pikes Place MarketAlyssa listening to a quartet outside the original Starbucks store

The kids intently watched as a magician performed amazing card tricks.  Alyssa (right) was captivated listening to a quartet outside the original Starbucks  cafe.  They were singing gospel music.  She honestly didn’t want to leave.

Pikes Place MarketSeafood at Pikes Place Market

More sights of Pikes Place Market.  Rows and rows of fresh flowers.  We also enjoyed watching the famous fish throwing at the market.

Jordan with his lizard "Grip"Carlye & Jordan collecting food money for "Grip" the lizard

After getting an idea from watching the other panhandlers Jordan & Carlye panhandle asking for food money for “Grip” the lizard (right).  They did manage to get $1.11!  I think it made their day.  Notice the lizard on Jordan’s shirt (left).

First Starbucks First Starbucks Store

Right across from the abundant flower stands of the open air market that is Pike Place Market lies the first ever Starbucks store established in 1971.  It was jam packed with tourists.

Pikes Place Market

Pikes Place Market

Seattle Museum

Seattle Museum (we didn’t go in… it just looked like a fun picture)

World's Largest Totem Pole (Almost)

On the way to Pioneer Square we passed the World’s Largest Totem Pole (well almost… Seattle “had” the world’s largest totem pole and so not to be outdone, Tacoma citizens hired Alaskan natives to come to Tacoma and build a bigger one.)

Dinner at a seafood restaurant

We had dinner at a great seafood restaurant by the water.  Grilled Salmon… yummy!

Fresh flowers at a discount!

Fresh flowers at a discount!! 🙂  After dinner the Pikes Place Market was closed so Carlye spotted a great deal on almost fresh flowers!

Public Market Center sign Pikes Place Market at sunsetPublic Market Center sign Pikes Place Market at sunset

Dusk at the Market.  Most of the people have left.

Public Market

City Fish Market at Dusk

Seattle from Kerry Park

Seattle from Kerry Park.  Around midnight we drove up to Kerry park to get this city scape night shot.

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  1. It looks like you had a blast…going to the Market is quite the experience!!! We are heading home from our 4 day business event later today…then if we have time, maybe over to our friends pool :), can you guess which friend’s pool we are referring to?

  2. Carlye and Jordan were way more successful at panhandling at the market than Ken–at least they made $1.11! Of course, they did have a lizard…

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