Day 45: Monday July 13th

Today we left our RV Park at Glacier National Park around 11:00 AM and headed to Dinosaur National Monument and Flaming Gorge in Northeast Utah.  We passed up Yellowstone and Grand Tetons, both amazing National Parks, as they were on our 2007 itinerary.

On the trip we had fun stopping every few hours at rest stops and playing freeze tag.  It was extremely windy, so much so that two other motor homes had their awnings blown open while driving!  At one rest stop Jordan had to get out his kite, but it was blowing too hard even for a kite.

We drove until 9:00 PM and spent the night in a Walmart parking lot.  Exciting day for the blog 🙂

Route Day 45

Route Day 45 (Coram, MT at Glacier National Park to Idaho Falls, UT)

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