Day 7: Friday June 5th

We finally made it into Canyonlands National Park–the reverse of Arches’ upward topography.  This park is really like a miniature Grand Canyon complete with a river running along the bottom.  We completed 3 hikes–a total of only 4 miles but tough climbs up large boulders.  The kids enrolled in the Junior Ranger program, completed a booklet of questions and answers based on their hikes on the trails and an initial “Ranger Talk.”  They earned a cool badge at the end of the day.

_Canyonlands National ParkKids climbing rocks

Carlye & Jordan

Jordan & Alyssa at Shafer Canyon Overlook

Mesa Arch, Canyonland National Park

Mesa Arch

View from atop Mesa Arch

View from on top of Mesa Arch taken with wide angle lens (three exposures combined together).

Canyonland National Park

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  1. God’s creation never ceases to amaze me. Truly beautiful country! Miss you all!

  2. Beautiful! How was Momument Valley? It will be interesting to hear your impressions of the three different areas, and which you would want to go back to. How much longer will you be in Utah? We are off on a mystery trip today (secret of my parents), and then to the Olympic Peninsula tomorrow. Should be fun. Have a great day!

  3. Awesome pictures!!!! I especially like the game of hide and seek that it looks like the “girls” were playing with Jordan….I do not think he knew that they were on top of that huge rock formation:)

  4. From Rochelle: Monument Valley . . . what can I say . . . we came, we saw, we took pics and made the best of the pot-hole roads, no bathrooms, wind and dust. Glad I came, but never plan to go back. Can’t wait to hear about your mystery trip!

  5. God’s creation is so beautiful. I said to the kids that I hope we get to see a video of the first 6 days of creation someday. But then I had a cool thought: We may get to witness firsthand when He creates the new heaven and new earth!

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