Day 6: Thursday June 4th

Today we started out strong heading to Canyonlands National Park.  A mile into the park, the Honda Odyssey’s transmission started skipping and overheated.  While it cooled down, the kids had a blast running up & down the nearby boulders and catching Moab Lizards (see pic below).  Jarred’s parents took the kids to a rodeo after dinner while Mom and Dad relaxed with quiet time to write this blog 🙂

Kid's Moab lizards
Kid's Moab lizards
Alyssa climbed this all by herself!
Alyssa climbed this all by herself!

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  1. Grandparents are great. How nice to have some quiet time–hope you made the most of it!:) Do you like Canyonlands as much as Arches National Park? We made it safely to Seattle last night, but my hopes that getting in late would help us sleep in today didn’t work out. Oh well. Have fun! Love, Jenn

  2. OK… I wanted to see if you had senn any wildlife…..TOOOOO COOOOOL.

    Tell Jordan those are the absolute most awesome lizard pictures I have ever seen!!!

    Tyler and Ryan were also very impressed with Jordan’s strength while he held up the boulders for the family during the hike:)

  3. Carlye wants you to know that she helped catch the lizards and actually it’s her “eagle eyes” that spotted them first 😉 So glad to hear you made it to Seattle. I wish we were already up there to spend some time with you guys on vacation (Carlye said we would even bring the lizards). I relayed Ken’s message to Jordan. He wishes Tyler & Ryan were here to help him catch (& of course sell) them.

    So your late-night flying technique backfired? There’s this thing called Benadryl . . . ha ha (worked great on our flight to Europe). We are heading down to Monument Valley on Saturday. Have fun with your parents! Love, Rochelle

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