Day 8: Saturday June 6th

Today was a great and full day!  We left Moab, UT at 7:00 AM and headed to Page, AZ with a half day detour at the world famous Monument Valley.  Monument Valley is run by the Navajo Nation Tribes.  We drove on a 17 mile round trip self tour (on a very rough dirt road) to see the iconic landmarks.  While I wouldn’t recommend it as a final destination it was a great–“Hey I’ve been there”–stop.

Approaching Monument Valley

Approaching Monument Valley

Monument Valley, UT Monument Valley

No, this isn’t a miniature model… Rochelle & I had fun with some perspective illusions. 🙂

Fenlason's at Monument Valley

It was so windy that my tripod and camera blew to the ground right after this happy family shot.

Monument Valley

“The Mittens” at Monument Valley (finally the sun peaked through the clouds just long enough to take this photograph)

Monument Valley

After leaving the Monument Valley we headed for Page, AZ.  Page is a beautiful city located on Lake Powell.  Lake Powell is the second largest man-made lake (created as a result of the Glenn Canyon Dam).

We found a great campground and the kids are having a blast swimming in the indoor pool, playing on the playground, and climbing the large rock mountain behind the campground.

View of RV Park

View of our RV Park from the top of the petrified sand dunes during Rochelle’s hike w/ the kids.

Page also has the prized Horseshoe Bend I’ve always wanted to photograph.

Horseshoe Bend, Page AZ

Horseshoe Bend, Page, Arizona (just before sunset)

I was so excited to photograph this site!  I actually spent nearly two hours lying on the rock ground reaching my camera and tripod as close to the edge as possible to get this shot.  There are no guard rails… only an 1,100 foot drop to the Colorado River.  It was worth it.  It’s an awesome site to see… the mightiness of God’s creation.

Tamed by the Glen Canyon Dam, the emerald-green Colorado River makes a gigantic bend more than a thousand feet below the overlook, swinging first to the east, then curving back to the west. It’s a spectacular place, where shadows shift by the minute and new details drift constantly into your awareness.

Route Day 8

Route Day 8 (We actually started the day at point B and ended at point A.)

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  1. Love the pics… Jerry you are amazing! The whole fam looks great but I think jordan is the best looooooking! haha. have fun.

  2. Jordan smiled when I read your comment to him. Fun times out here. Different kind of fun than Jarred & Jordan had fishing with you in 8 foot waves. But fun nonetheless. 🙂 Love, Chelle

  3. Soooo jealous! What an incredible experience. Rich and I got excited at the Horseshoe Bend pic–we happened upon Lake Powell once by accident and loved that whole area. I know I didn’t get as close to the edge as you did, though! Great photos. I’m anxiously awaiting some from my favorite, Zion. Is that on your itinerary? They have a campground among some apple trees where the deer roam freely and they aren’t spooked by people.

  4. Beautiful picture of Horseshoe Bend! It really is the mightiness of God’s creation–and the power and creativity and diversity.

    Great pictures of Rochelle–are you sure she didn’t just eat Alice’s cookie? 🙂

    You guys have managed to add several sites that we now need to see. Your blog has been so much fun it read–thanks for doing it!!

  5. Just amazing pictures!! Hope the camera did not get broken when it was blown over. Your illusions were so fun….very real looking!!! I am thinking if everything is that size, just dig it up and bring it back for your yard — haha.

    And…I have to admit…I would have probably not been able to look at the river that long without making my way down with a fly rod:)

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