Day 9: Sunday June 7th

I got up a sunrise to take more pictures of Horseshoe bend.  There was too many shadows on the river so I waited until the sun rose to light the canyon 1,100 feet below.  This picture has different lighting from the one yesterday that was taken in the evening.

Horseshoe Bend, Page AZ - early morning

Next we took the Glen Canyon Dam tour and learned some interesting facts like $5 million a year is spent to maintain the dam and the power plant.  But the hydroelectricity produced earns a dollar a second.  How long before it pays back the yearly upkeep and makes a profit each year?  We also learned that if you took all the concrete used to make the dam and turn it into a road, you could make a highway from Phoenix to Chicago!

The Glen Canyon Dam created Lake Powell (2nd largest man made lake in the US).  It took Lake Powell 17 years to fill for the first time!  This is also the Colorado River that flows through the Grand Canyon.

Glen DamGlen Canyon Bridge - Page AZ

Glen Canyon Dam & Bridge (the bridge was made first to bring supplies to the other side for the dam construction)

Carlye and I - Glen Canyon Dam Tour

Carlye & I on top of the dam

Then we relaxed at Lake Powell for some fishing and swimming.  The lake level is almost 100 feet below it’s normal level so it was quite a climb down to the water.  The petrified sand dunes were a fun to explore in between dips in the lake.

Swimming in the Colorado RiverJordan fishing in the Colorado River

Relaxing by the Colorado RiverPlaying on the rocks

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  1. On Feb 28, the maintenance cost is paid off–pretty great investment! From March 1st on, it is all income. (I know that I am a geek, but when you ask an open question like that, how can I resist answering? Besides, I am sure that you already know!) 🙂

  2. These are great pictures. Lake Powell looks like a really fun place to explore. I love the glamor shot of Carlye with her swim mask on!

  3. Did ya catch any fish Jordan???….and yes, we did have a conversation out here on the back deck in Seattle about how the dam will be profitatble on March 1st:) Unless Jenn’s math is wrong…you know I am gonna take her word for it:)

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