Day 10: Monday June 8th

This morning I took a photographers tour of Antelope Slot Canyons.  Antelope Canyon is the most-visited and most-photographed slot canyon in the American Southwest.  It is located on Navajo land near Page, AZ.  The canyon was made by the erosion of this sandstone, primarily by flash flooding (in fact a flash flood in this canyon killed 11 people in 1987).  The bright sunlight beams down through the slots and dances off the sandstone walls.

Antelope Slot Canyons

A Navajo Chief walked through as I was taking this picture.

Antelope Slot CanyonsAntelope Canyons

These pictures were taken about 12:00… the best time of the day for artistic lighting.

Antelope Canyon - Colors

When I got back from Antelope Slot Canyons we all went to Horseshoe Bend for the last time.  It was a little unnerving as the kids looked over the cliffs to see the Colorado River.  Fortunately we left with all three kids!! …whew… 🙂

All of us at Horseshoe BendHorseshoe Bend

Our family on the on the edge at Horseshoe Bend

Rochelle and I

Me at my favorite spot

Me at my favorite spot… (but I promise–no more pics of Horseshoe Bend!)

Our hike out...

Our hike out (3/4 mile)

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  1. Those are amazing pictures Jarred!! If you are getting tired of the desert colors, I would really recommend some shots taken on the Olympic Peninsula. We visited some amazingly beautiful spots yesterday–especially Ruby Beach on the coast and along the Sol Duc River. The rain forest was actually a little too dry–(ironic, but the weather is gorgeous right now!) I wish that I had your skill and camera to take some of the pictures we got, but if you want to get a taste of it, I will post it later on Facebook. Where to next?

  2. You guys are having the most amazing adventure!!!! I am jealous…and I am on vacation too:)

    Also, that picture of the indian chief almost loks like a spirit that kind of materialized….great dramatic effect!!!

    Jarred…you are an artist! No doubt about it!!!

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