Day 53: Tuesday July 21st

This morning before we left Silverton we ran back into a few stores so Jordan could buy the cap gun he had been eying and Rochelle picked up a flower bracelet.   Then we hit the Million Dollar Highway one more time to head into Ouray (pronounced “You-Ray”)–our destination for the next several days.  Ouray is the jeeping capital of the U.S.  We’re excited to get up onto the mountain trails!

Downtown Silverton Colorado

Downtown Silverton Tuesday morning

Million Dolloar Highway

Our motor home traveling on the Million Dollar Highway to Ouray.

After settling into our KOA campground Rochelle ran into a hail storm while grocery shopping with the kids.  It was 74 degrees when we entered the store, but it was 54 and raining & hailing when we attempted to exit!

Video of the hail storm in Ouray

Ouray Graveyard

Sunset shot of a cemetary in Ouray.  I was looking for a place to photograph this amazing sunset… it was setting quickly so I pulled into Ouray’s cemetary for this shot.  Although I was hoping for a nice mountain sunset picture, I think this photo has an interesting dramatic effect.

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  1. Summer hail storms are so common in Colorado. I remember being in college and seeing many, many cars with little dents all over their hoods and roofs. Body shops are able to keep a good level of business. Did the grocery bags protect you? They looked a little flimsy…

  2. The grocery bags were quite adequate for the 5 seconds the kids dared to stand out in the hail. The pools in Ouray are something I really look forward to when we talk about coming out west. When we were here 2 years ago, we bought a 3-day pass for each of us and only went to the pools 2x. The prices have increased since then, but miraculously I found our old passes & they accepted them. So our recent visit to the pools was free! 100 degree water feels great when the air temp is 65 . . . I bet it doesn’t feel quite the same at home. Wish it was more refreshing for you guys, but I’m glad to hear you’re trying to enjoy it. Everywhere we go in CO I’ve wondered if you’ve been there. See you soon 🙂

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