Day 57: Saturday July 25th

We got up early and drove the 4 hours to Leadville, Co in 78 degree sunshine.  At 10,200 feet above sea level, it is the highest incorporated city in the US.  Leadville was the second largest town in Colorado (Denver was #1) during the last 3 decades of the 1800’s.  At it’s peak (in 1893) it was home to 60,000 people–half worked in the more than 500 silver mines in the area.

Harrison Street - Downtown Leadville Colorado

Downtown Leadville–still the hub of business for the 1,500 year-round residents.

Alyssa in an antique store

Princess Alyssa had to try on the vintage hats & gloves in the amazing 2-story antique store downtown.  The girls oohed over a wedding dress dating from 1880 that cost $1,500.

Alyssa on mainstreet

Beautiful flower boxes dotted the downtown–Alyssa thinks every flower is a “rose” and she always took time to “stop and smell the roses.”  She also thought we should buy that little car (which was for sale behind her to the right of the pic) b/c it was just her size 🙂

Street shootout in Leadville Colorado

After dinner, we enjoyed an 1880’s stlye shootout between the legendary sherriff McDoogan & Doc Holliday (of  “O.K. Corral” fame).  “McDoogan” (above) performed a thickly Irish-accented monologue about life in Leadville during the late 1800’s and the complete lawlessness of the area.  Jordan sat in the very front seat and asked a lot of questions.  The average life-expectancy wa 45 years old, there were as many saloons & brothels as there were churches, and you’d find any good Irish Catholic at mass on Sunday even if he’d shot someone Saturday night.  Interesting stuff, huh?

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