Days 15-16 Wed & Thur June 17-18, 2015

Travel through the U.P. of Michigan to Wisconsin

map-Mi to Wi

Crossing the Mackinac Bridge is always a breathtaking experience!


It’s the 5th longest suspension bridge in the world; longest in the U.S.


We climbed the amazing viewing tower located on the shore of Lake Superior, took a family selfie and…

FamilySelfieMackinac MackinacBridgeLookoutTower

…a drone shot with the bridge in the background. Jarred and I climbed this very same tower 23 years ago when we were dating.


We stopped for Michigan-famous pasties (pass-tees) filled with beef, potatoes, and onions wrapped in a flaky crust–a Yooper classic! (Can you figure out what a Yooper is?)

Next stop: House of the Rock

TheHouseOnTheRockSign  livingroom

Legend says that the builder of this whimsical engineering feat was influence by his father’s ideas learned as a student of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The very low ceilings, walls, and floors were completely covered in red shag carpet. Dim lighting, low couches, and crazy collections of just about everything made this a very unusual kind of photo op!




turquoiseglass tusks

We went through the place a pretty brisk pace and saw everything in about 4 hours (including a lunch stop). I (Rochelle) could have spent an entire day there!

Our campsite at Governor Dodge State Park was serene and relaxing.


A short video clip of highlights from the first two weeks (Credit Jordan)


Long day of driving ahead tomorrow . . . heading for the Badlands of South Dakota.

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  1. That house looked amazing! I really liked the Infinity Room. Was it some sort of walkway? I have been pondering what a Yooper is (and trying to suppress the urge to just google it) and figure that it must be some sort of play on words for the U.P. of Michigan? Am I close? Can’t wait to see your Badlands pictures–we have some great memories of that austere and very hot place. 🙂

  2. Haha, Jenn! You win the prize! A Yooper is indeed a proud inhabitant of the U.P.! You are so smart!
    Yoopers seem to be proud in a self-deprecating way. But they do at least one thing right–they make yummy pasties 🙂

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