Day 14: Friday June 12th

Today was a very fun day in Bryce Canyon NP.  Our first stop was Natural Bridge.  Natural Bridge is not a bridge, but actually one of several natural arches found in the park.  It is sculpted from some of the reddest rock (rich in iron oxide minerals.)

Natural Bridge - Bryce Canyon National Park

Natural Bridge – Bryce Canyon National Park

Next we drove to Sunset Point and hiked the Navajo Loop.  Although it is a short & steep (1.3 miles) hike it is probably one of the most scenic hikes we have ever taken.

Thor's Hammer - Bryce Canyon NP

Thor’s Hammer – Bryce Canyon N.P.   These “hoodoos” are pillars of rock left by erosion.

This hike took over two hours of  climbing up and down steep switchbacks.  The final stretch included a 10 minute stroll through “refrigerator canyon” where the rocks were actually cold to the touch.

Navajo Loop HikeSunset Point hike

This pic on the left was actually just an excuse to rest a minute . . . after hiking up the switchbacks in the right pic (click to enlarge it and you can see us smiling from way down there.)

Navajo Loop HikeNajavo Loop Hike - Sunset Point

Bryce Canyon ChipmunkPhotographing the Bryce Chipmunk

Jordan & I taking pictures of this overly friendly (or should I say hungry) Bryce chipmunk.  I got the wide angle lens literally inches from his nose.  Click on the picture (above right) to see a closeup.

Bryce Amphitheater

Bryce Amphitheater

Natural giant amphitheater created by erosion caused by wind, water, & ice.  The elevation at the rim is 8,000 ft.

We left the park around 3:30 and drove to Salt Lake City for the night.  Movin’ right along . . .

Route Day 14

Route Day 14 (Bryce Canyon National Park to Salt Lake City, UT)

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  1. Now that was fun wild life…have fun in Salt Lake….let us know if you float in the lake at the park at the end of the long long long road….and the long walk down the hot sand:) ken

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