Day 15: Saturday June 13

We met up with John & Suzanne here in Salt Lake City.  Saturday morning–a great day to sleep in, clean the motor home, try to fix the giant crack in our windshield,  and get laundry done.  We couldn’t fix the crack.  But we accomplished the rest while  Poppi & Amma took the kids to the Hill Air Force Base and Aeronautical Hands-On Museum.  They got to sit in the cockpit of a fighter jet and dress up like astronauts.

Kids with Popi

Hill AFBJordan flying the simulator

Later we all toured the downtown of Salt Lake City.   The city is surrounded by mountains that still have lots of snow on the peaks.

Salt Lake City UT

The streets, sidewalks, buildings, and grassy areas were all super clean and meticulously manicured.  The average age of SLC residents is 34 years old.  It’s a very “hip” town with little cafes, coffee shops, and stylish shopping centers.   We went out for dinner at Noodles & More—a new concept in semi-fast food where you pick your type of noodles (or rice), sauce, veggies, and protein (meat or tofu).  We’re thinking we should open one in Stuart.

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  1. The tiny resurant soundes great, but Keith said. He’s not sure of the Tofu! Plus I love chipmunks. Keep the info comming we feel like were on thr trip with all of you!!!

    Love Keith and Fran

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