Day 19: Wednesday June 17

First morning in a new campground was celebrated with pancakes for breakfast–yum!  John & Suzi joined us for sightseeing along the Pacific coast.  These pictures were taken about 1.5 miles from our campground.

Klamath Beach RoadPacific Ocean - Klamath CA

Hiking the California CoastKlamath Beach Road

From there we hiked to a covert radar station that was built in anticipation of a Japanese attack here shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II.  At one point Japanese submarines operated in offshore waters and actually shelled some shipping operations and oil installations off the coast of California and Oregon.  To guard against potential invasion the U.S. Army built these “farm buildings” complete with fake windows and dormers.  It actually housed an early warning radar system!

The last intact WWII Radar Station

We paid the tourist fee to drive our car through a giant redwood tree.  It was worth it! This privately owned tourist attraction allows visitors the opportunity to drive through a healthy, living Redwood tree. The “Tour-Thru Tree” in Klamath, Ca is approximately 725 years old. The opening is 7’4″ wide and 9’6′  high, permitting the passage of all standard cars, vans and pickups. The Tree is 15 feet  in diameter at eye level.

Drive Through Redwood treeTour Thru TreeDriving through the redwood tree

Later we all drove 40 min. to the nearest town with a grocery store, Crescent City, where the highway drives right along the Pacific Ocean.  On our way home, we noticed a big yellow & white tent with a big sign proclaiming the last night of 21 days of a Holy Ghost Tent Revival.  We couldn’t resist checking it out and ended up staying until almost midnight.  We got to make up for 2 weeks of missing church 🙂  Hopefully everyone will sleep in tomorrow.

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