Day 20: Thursday June 18

Today we drove to Prairie Creek State Park, one of 5 state parks that fit within the Redwoods National Park.

Prarie Creek redwood near visitor's centerCoastal Redwood

These Redwoods are even more immense in person!

We drove the 10 miles from the visitor’s center to “Fern Canyon” to see where some of Jurassic Park was filmed.  Fern Canyon is one of the most amazing hiking trails in the Redwood National Forest. The drive to the trailhead is worthwhile in and of itself. It opens onto the beaches of the Pacific Ocean after it passes herds of elk (who were actually grazing on beach grasses when we showed up) while winding up and down rolling hills and through a thick forest of immense redwood trees.

Elk at Prarie Creek State Park on the Pacific CoastAlyssa watching the Elk

We had to cross the stream 3 times in our van (water up to 10 inches deep) before parking at the trail head.  The trail itself follows a small stream, winding back and forth until it suddenly opens into a staggeringly beautiful canyon, its fifty-foot vertical walls cloaked in eight species of ferns.

Fern CanyonFern Canyon

Hiking Fern Canyon

Our poor van has suffered so much on this trip.  On the way down the precarious dirt road leading from our last hike in the state park, we slipped off the road into a 2 foot deep drainage ravine next the mountain.  We had no cell service.  So we prayed that God would help us based on His promise to be our “very present help in time of trouble” (Ps. 46:1).  Jordan suddenly got an idea to us our jack to raise up the front tire then place pieces of wood under it like a ramp . . . perfect solution and we were on our way back to the campground in time for hot dogs and smores around the fire pit!

Kids hiding in a giant Coastal Redwood

Notice the three “critters” peeking out of the Redwood tree.

Jordan holding up a fallen Redwood

Jordan caught this tree just as it was falling!

RedwoodsGiant Redwoods

"Big Tree" Redwood State Forest

“Big Tree” is 304 feet tall – 21.5 foot diameter and approximately 1,500 years old!

Evening Campfire

Rochelle & Jordan eating smores at the evening campfire.

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  1. Jordan….that was an amazing idea!!!! You are awesome!

    Though…my guess is that again…Kaley had something to do with the mishap:)

  2. Wow! Looks like we need to make a trip to Northern California. Your pictures look like you had so much fun. It is truly wonderful to hear of God working in all circumstances (and awesome that He used Jordan)! However, it would be nice to hear of no more calamities befalling your poor van…

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