Day 21: Friday June 19

Today was a down day.  Rochelle & I worked on our term papers while the kids played in the campground hiking trails, playing volleyball, frisbee, and with their new friend.  We ended the night with a very competitive game of bocce balls (girls against the guys) with John & Suzi.  The boys won.

Jordan fishing

Jordan finally gets to fish in the Klamath River.

Carlye, Alyssa, & Jessica (their new friend)

Carlye, Alyssa & Jessica (their new friend) playing frisbee.

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  1. Well….inquiring minds want to know????

    Did Jordan catch a fish?

    oh yeah…and who won the bocce ball contest


  2. No fish yet. We’ll let you know. Oh, the girls let us win the bocce ball contest. You know… fathers day is Sunday and all.

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