Day 23: Sunday June 21

Happy Father’s Day!

We celebrated with Daddy’s favorite breakfast (french toast) and opened cards and gifts in the motorhome.  Our new campground (in Grant’s Pass, OR) is right on the river, so Jordan fished while the adults read books sitting on the seawall and the girls collected duck feathers.  Later we explored the quaint town (most everything was closed on Sundays) then returned to enjoy one of Daddy’s favorite dinners (Skyline chili and steamed artichokes).  No pics today worthy of posting.  No, Jordan did not catch a single fish, but he sure had fun trying!  Tomorrow we get up early to head to Crater Lake.  It will only be a high 59 degrees and we heard some of the rim road is still closed due to snow.

It was nice Jarred could be with his father today.  A special note to Scott:  I miss & love you so much, Dad!  Love, Rochelle

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  1. I love your blog and your photos are amazing! I am living vicariously through your travels and having a wonderful time. I don’t know about drinking coffee with a lizard on my cup. Rochelle you are very brave! Love you guys keep it up!

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