Day 32: Tuesday June 30

We drove 1.5 hours to Mt. St. Helens in the state of Washington and set up camp at Silver Lake Cove RV Resort.  Jordan spent every minute since we arrived fishing and caught quite a few.  They are currently in our refrigerator awaiting their date with the fillet knife.  We took a quick drive to one of the Mt. St. Helen’s visitor centers and got everyone excited about exploring the volcano tomorrow.  Carlye and Alyssa made friends with some little girls in a neighboring rv and even invited one in to watch a movie in our motor home.  Everyone is doing just what they like to do . . . that’s what vacation is for.

Silver Cove RV Resort in Washington

Jordan’s first Washington fish

Jordan's big fish

The award-winning catch.  Mom can’t wait to cook ’em up!  (OK, maybe not our normal dolphin/sailfish pictures, but who’s counting)

Silver Cove RV Park - Mt St Helens Washington

Beautiful sunset in front of our motor home

Route Day 32

Route Day 32 (Portland, OR to Silverlake, WA)

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